Nurse Coaching: The Job You Have Been Looking For

Have you ever heard of a nurse coach before? Nurse coaches are licensed practical nurses (LPN) or registered nurses (RN) who work with individual patients in order to support them as they make healthy choices. In order to become a nurse coach, one must first receive a nurse coaching certificate. This is a relatively simple process. Applicants are required to pass an exam which can be offered through a holistic approach, or the International Nurse Coach Association. More information for both tests can be found online.

There are many benefits to developing a career in nurse coaching. This career is a wonderful option for nurses because of the following reasons. 

You Can Change Lives

Have you ever thought about how people move on after a heart attack? After a traumatic experience like that, changes need to be made. Most doctors recommend a change in diet as well as an increase in exercise. These changes are essential for improved health, though that fact does not make it any easier to change habits. In order for people to improve their lives, they must have support. Nurse coaches work with patients to help them know what they need to do and how to do it. In the previous example, nurse coaches may follow-up with the heart attack patient in an attempt to help them know what foods they could eat, and which ones to stay away from. They may even see how frequently the patient is working out, and offer suggestions to help, should that be a difficult challenge for the patient. Working with patients so closely helps them to feel the needed support so that they can be consistent. Lives can be changed through consistency.

It Works Around Your Schedule

In addition to nurse coaching being a needed career to help others, it may be just the career you have been seeking as well. Due to the fact that many nurse coaching jobs are done over the phone or the internet, this career is often very flexible. Many stay at home moms who have been formally trained as nurses choose to work in this field. For individuals who are attempting to work while going to school, nurse coaching cannot be beaten. Most nursing jobs entail 12-hour shifts, which can be avoided with a nurse coaching certificate. 

In conclusion, if you are interested in becoming a nurse coach, take the test. One simple test could change your life and the lives of the people you will help. For more information, reach out to a company like Advancing Nurse Coaching today.

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